Leather office sofa

Leather Furniture Restored at Your Office or Home

March 11, 2020

In-home and in-office leather furniture repairs are now available in the Boulder-Louisville-Lafayette area.

Dried, cracked, and worn leather on your comfortable old and vintage chairs and sofas can be cleaned, repaired, and restored.

Our leather restoration expert will gladly work on your leather furniture in your home or office. 

Call us at (303) 440-3737 for an appointment.

One Reply to “Leather Furniture Restored at Your Office or Home”

  1. Hello –
    I am located in Boulder and have 2 leather couch pieces, a loveseat and a 3 seat sofa, that are very worn and need repair.
    Could you please provide a quote?
    Many thanks,
    303 507 5209

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