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April 16, 2019

Heavy-material sewing? We can do. Re-sew seams? Patch rips? Shorten handles? Attach new handles? Fix a zipper? Dye a new color? ABSOLUTELY.

Day bags, backpacks, duffel bags, man-bags, carry-alls, luggage, handbags, and purses. Oh, and shoes, sandals & boots. That’s why we’re called Extreme.


  1. Just wondering if you can repair golf bags. The strap/buckle that is connected to the bag is slowly coming detached. Thanks

    1. Yes! Bring it in. We can say for sure when we see it, but it sounds like something we can do, similar to luggage repair. Thanks for asking.

  2. the lace has broken thru one of the eyelets on my Nikes and it looks like one other on the same shoe may give soon. Can this be repaired less than purchasing a new pair. I like these shoes and would hate to just chuck them due to a cost issue.

    1. We’re pretty good with most repairs on things like eyelets, snaps, buckles, etc. if we have a fabric we can work with. It probably won’t look exactly like the original, but it should work for you. Bring it to the Express Shoe Service near you so we can see the problem … and thanks for asking.

  3. Hi! Wondering if you would be able to replace a waterproof goretex liner for some Danner hiking boots? The boots are Mountain Light II, so they are leather on the outside and the sole is stitched on. I would probably also want to get them re-soled if re-doing the liner is possible.


    1. Hi Ellen,
      Sorry, we missed your message and just now saw it. Have you contacted us by phone? If not call our Louisville or Boulder shop and ask your question. (I’m not a cobbler.) Best would be to bring in your boots and let us take a look. Thanks.

      1. Hi Ellen, I spoke to the owner today who said we cannot manually replace Goretex liners. While we fix most problems, this one we cannot fix successfully. Sorry.
        Thank you for the question.

  4. I lost the top pouch zipper for my backpack, it’ll likely need tape/teeth fixing or replacement too. Is that a common repair?

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